Cowboy Hat Etiquette

Taken from the Webster's dictionary.

Tip your hat when the following happens, if you're a real cowboy.



  • When you are walking with your friend and he says hello to a woman that he knows, but you do not.
  • When a woman thanks you.
  • After getting directions from a stranger, for sure if the stranger is a woman.
  • When you excuse yourself to a woman.

    Probably already know when to take off your hat, but just in case you forgot..

  • During the National Anthem.
  • When you go into a building.
  • When you are being introduced to someone, especially if it is a woman.
  • When you begin a conversation, not needed if you are just saying "Hello" as you pass them.
  • When attending a funeral.


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5 Uses for a Cowboy Hat

  • Keep off the sun.
  • Keep off the rain.
  • Show your personal style.
  • Slap a charging bull on the nose to change his mind. (Good luck on that!)
  • Be Western

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