1. QUALITY     

At least half of our 50X hat is beaver fur. The beaver fur is blended with other natural furs to create a beautiful, yet less expensive, hat body.  Our 100X is made of 100% pure beaver fur resulting in a beautiful, lightweight hat durable enough to handle any kind of weather. Absolutely no wool is used to make our hats! More Information


3. BRIMS    

All brim sizes and shapes may be changed to suit your individual style and taste!

More Information

4. COLOR      
Different hats are available in different colors. More Information



Western Modern

Western Traditional


6. HAT SIZE    
We can make hat sizes from 6 1/2 to 8. Persons able to send us an old hat that fits correctly will have their new hat conformed to that hats' sweatband size and SHAPE.


If you don't know your hat size please call us at (541) 215-1400 and we will talk you through how to measture your own head. 

More Information

For a nominal fee, ($10.00) we will put the person's name, name of their ranch, or some other equally long gold embossed lettering inside the sweatband. The most frequent message so far has been, "HANDMADE FOR ..."



Once you make your selections, please give us a call at (541) 215-1400.  We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover by phone as we still believe in direct customer contact as the only way of assuring the making of a quality custom hat.

5 Uses for a Cowboy Hat

  • Keep off the sun.
  • Keep off the rain.
  • Show your personal style.
  • Slap a charging bull on the nose to change his mind. (Good luck on that!)
  • Be Western

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