From the ranches of Montana and Texas to the streets of California and Connecticut, hundreds of pleased customers are currently wearing Montana Peaks hats every day in all kinds of weather.


Our hats have appeared in western wear stores, galleries, fashion shows, and publications across the country. They are currently being featured in the world-renowned C. M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, MT. The Euro-Disney-Paris reenactment of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show uses our hats.  And some of our creations have found their way to Hollywood.  We have hats in the Western movies: Gunless, Absaroka, and Redemption. Check out our hats on Netflix.


Many professional rodeo cowboys and cowgirls wear Montana Peaks hats. In fact, several of our hats will be seen at the National Finals Rodeo in December. 


We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover cards by phone, as we believe direct customer contact is the only way of assuring the making of a quality custom hat.  We rarely make hats to industry sizes; rather, we make hats to your measurement and head shape. Call Laura at (541) 215-1400 to get directions on how to measure your head.

5 Uses for a Cowboy Hat

  • Keep off the sun.
  • Keep off the rain.
  • Show your personal style.
  • Slap a charging bull on the nose to change his mind. (Good luck on that!)
  • Be Western

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