Montana Peaks Hat Co. is located in downtown Pendleton, Oregon.  Our store is located at 24 SW Court Ave. The shop is open everyday except Sundays and Wednesday. We are available all days by phone and email. (541) 215-1400.


From cowboys and ranchers to bankers and actors, we cater to the truly discriminating felt hat wearer. Our hats are all handmade and customized by shape, fit and accessories. Using traditional methods handed down through generations, each hat is made with the exacting standards you expect from a well-made hat. We believe there is no substitute for quality, and we stand by every hat we build. Check us out and we are sure you will agree--our hats are unsurpassed in quality and value! 



Each hat is custom made therefore direct personal contact with our customers is necessary for each order. 

5 Uses for a Cowboy Hat

  • Keep off the sun.
  • Keep off the rain.
  • Show your personal style.
  • Slap a charging bull on the nose to change his mind. (Good luck on that!)
  • Be Western

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